Let's face it, the effort that it takes to get that perfect #GoodHairDay picture is just not funny. So much so that on most days, I just give up and head to work with a frizzy and tangled mane. And then there are these women, who always have their waves tamed to perfection, despite having the same rigorous work life. So we decided to ask them the secret behind their luscious locks. Women take notes.

1. "I always comb my hair before going to bed and make sure I use a silky soft pillowcase that ensures my hair is not tangled in the morning." 

- Shweta, 26

2. “I braid my hair when they’re damp before going to bed, and wake up to luscious curly locks WITHOUT ANY EFFORTS.” 

- Ankita, 24

3. “My hair tends to be really frizzy. What I do, is use a toothbrush and hairspray to keep them frizzies away.” 

- Aayushi, 26

4. “Well, the wisest thing to do is drinks lots and lots of water. Not only does it keep your hair nice and strong, it is also good for your skin.”

- Vrinda, 27

5. " Recently, I've started using Pantene's Oil Replacement Cream and it works like a wonder. All you gotta do is take a walnut-sized amount between your palms and apply it evenly through the lengths of your hair. That's it! It's hassle-free, easy-to-use and makes my hair stronger." 

- Aditi, 24

6. "I never use the dryer right after taking a shower. Usually, I tie the towel around my head and wait for some time so that the excess water gets absorbed. This way, the volume stays intact." 

- Priyanka, 27