We all feel pressured about doing new things and to party. And let’s be honest, a lot of us are mostly doing it for social media or because everyone else is doing it. So, why not just take it easy? Other times, we aren’t invited to parties or fancy dinners, which is another good reason to, well, take it easy.

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Here’s everything you can do instead.

1. Order in and eat alone.

A lot of us spent the entire year shedding the ‘lockdown weight’, because too many people told us about that ‘gain’. And since we’ve spent this year listening to unwanted comments, it’s important to finally eat everything that made us feel guilty. Oh, and block that noise before the next year begins, or maybe block those people, that’s easier.

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2. Do something ‘wild’.

Get a tattoo, or a piercing or anything else that you’ve wanted to, but were too scared to do it. It’s the perfect time to make decisions that you’d regret, but then they’re last year’s problems. And we all deserve a day where we’re easy on ourselves.

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3. Get your e-mail inbox to zero unopened mails.

No matter how regular and disciplined we are, it’s quite the task to check all the e-mails. Specifically with those social media notifications and brand promotions. So, open them all without reading, and even delete some randomly. Make a game out of it.

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4. Watch award shows.

I’ve grown up spending most of the New Year’s Eves while watching award shows – most desis also like to mix it up and comment on what SRK did wrong that year. We all have an opinion when it comes to Bollywood and awards. So, you can sit and predict who’ll win or who deserved something more. It’s fun.

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5. Do a sitcom marathon of all your favourite episodes.

It’s best to start something new, while laughing or crying (happy tears) your heart out. And only sitcoms can do that. So, you can make a list of all your favourite episodes and watch them without a break. Make it a marathon, or even a self-imposed challenge.

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6. Block all spam contact numbers and emails.

I’ve always imagined removing and blocking spam texts, emails and contacts from the phone book and email accounts. And as sorted as it sounds, I cannot figure out the ‘when’. Feels like a dream, no?

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7. Sleep early.

Yes, we all feel the pressure of ‘living’ the new day, new year. But, it’s fine, it’s still going to be there when you wake up. Imagine sleeping early, to no outside noises or the pressure of texting and calling people. Our parents are right, sleeping late is the reason behind all our issues, or not, but it’s still fun.

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8. Book an expensive hotel room and splurge on room service.

Let’s just face it, it’s nearly impossible to travel around NYE. It’s either too chaotic, or everything’s already booked up. At times, it’s also too much effort. The better idea is to get out of your houses and book a nice hotel room, where you can do everything that you’d do at home, instead. Plus, hoard on the room supplies.

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9. Finish that book.

With some books, we never reach the end. It’s the perfect time to pick it up and finally finish reading. The closure on the last day of the year also sounds poetic. That doesn’t go for all things, though.

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10. Make anti-resolutions.

Anti-resolution are commitments to stop doing something. Specifically, to stop doing something you’ve been doing over the past years. While it still comes down to committing to a certain goal, maybe the implication of ‘not doing something’ will help ticking them off. Again, no pressure, but it’s fun to mix it up every once in a while.

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This list might sound sad, but it’s actually comforting.