If you think young adults lack the drive to meet their goals, this 19-year-old boy’s unwavering determination will change your mind.

In a video that went viral minutes after it was posted on social media Sunday evening, a young man is seen running intentionally down a Noida road around midnight. 

The runner, despite being drenched in sweat, repeatedly declines filmmaker and author Vinod Kapri’s offers to drive him home.

The filmmaker traces his interaction with 19-year-old Pradeep Mehra in an inspiring clip, as he manages to gradually impress Mr Kapri with every new bit of information he unveils about his decision to run 10 km in the middle of night

Mr Mehra, a native of Uttarakhand, runs a 10-km stretch every day between his job in Noida’s Sector 16 and his home in Barola, where he lives with his brother. He runs in order to join the army.

The sheer tenacity of this youngster has attracted a lot of attention, and many people are applauding his unshakeable spirit.

While there are some people who believe that the helplessness of the young boy is glorified, which isn’t something that he deserves. 

There are countless young adults who are the sole breadwinners in their families, and hard work is not always a choice, but rather a necessity. With stories like Pradeep Mehra’s gaining traction, the government should act to reduce, if not eliminate, the long-standing crisis.