If we think of the word’ debate’ today, it conjures images of explosive prime-time news with anchors and guests going at each others’ throats without any sense of dignity or scruples. But debate was once a respected art (and still is, albeit less visibly) that highlighted the wit and wisdom of those involved. It also resulted in some pretty badass moments where India and Pakistan united to shut down a colonial apologist.

In this high school student debate about ‘Prejudice’ from 1957, India and Pakistan team up to school the UK representative about just how much damage they did to their people. 

Sara Chatt, of the UK, is seen talking about everything the British gave India and how India wished for colonisation.

Hearing this, Gopinath Padmanabha from India, gives it right back to her. 

She kept on waxing eloquent about the imagined gifts of the British however, and the rebuttals from Gopi came razor sharp.

Finally, Amin Jan, representing Pakistan also shuts down the illogical arguments she was putting forth.  

Watch the entire video by ArchiveMC below. This specific part begins around 15 minutes in.

Despite the debate having such gravitas, you can see that all the participants treat each other with respect and no anger. The entire episode is an example in class and elan.