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When we were in college, it was hard to not take everything so seriously. As we waited in excitement for life to change, the mind kept oscillating back to the dream we had while first setting foot on campus.

It’s hard to tell what will shape our future, so we end up going the extra mile anyway. It’s only after a few years into our jobs that we realise what really matters. 

Though it’s a tad bit late for us to chill now, we can still recall these things we did in college and have a good laugh nevertheless. So here are 4 of them. 

1. Relying on old guide books. 

This was a go-to for all the panic-stricken extra-curricular club members who didn’t know what their professors looked like. We all hoped to get passing marks by just mugging up the important pointers on a guidebook. All thanks to our friends who stayed up late on so many nights, helping us highlight the important bits in the chapters. 

2. Writing long answers to get extra marks. 

If looking at the question paper didn’t already give you a panic attack, watching your friend ask for an ‘extra’ sheet surely did. Over time, we all learned the art of writing short stories in place of answers on our exam papers, hoping to get those extra marks. Even better, if there was any scope to squeeze in a diagram somewhere. 

3. Solving old question papers and circulating those same old notes.

Dictating notes from their rusted folders was something that every professor did back then. And still do. Meanwhile students, from class toppers to droppers, everyone treated question papers from 15 years back as a stairway to success. The only flicker of hope when just a few days were left for the exam. 

4. Copy-pasting assignments from toppers.

You think you’ll never have to experience those writer’s cramps from hours of copying assignments from toppers after school, but you regret speaking too soon. You might get into a college of your choice, but there will always be subjects that you have to walk the extra mile for. 

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