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Binge-watching web shows on home décor gave me a clearer vision of what my dream apartment should be like. Soon I found myself googling different floorings to go with a mid-century set-up. Why start with floors you ask? That’s because it sets the tone by tying the space together. Having said that, our job doesn’t end there. We gotta keep our fancy floors clean too. 

Taking a ton of abuse from our shoes, pets, and furniture, our floors are already battered. And given there’s now a deadly virus on the loose, deep cleaning our floors the right way is all the more necessary. But we aren’t experts and naturally, make mistakes. Just like these 5 common ones. 

1. Using the wrong cleaning product

Not understanding our floor type and using harsh and abrasive chemicals to clean them can leave scratches, and even leave our floors discoloured. Especially if it’s tiles or vinyl that we’re dealing with. So instead of risking damage to the expensive flooring with chemicals such as bleach, one can go for a cleaning product that is specially designed for their flooring material. 

2. Using Too Much Water

This might come as a surprise, but too much water can also steal the sheen on our floors. Even though water doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it can penetrate our floors and cause structural changes or discolouration. This doesn’t mean that we stop using water completely because our mopping device will need a minimum amount to clean the surface properly. We should use as little water as possible so our floors don’t have to soak excess water. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be a little mindful towards saving water. 

3. Buying a floor disinfectant based on smell 

We are all a sucker for good smells, but when it comes to deciding on which disinfector to buy, we have a bigger responsibility here. Especially given the times that we’re in, our floors serve as the breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and fungi, so consistent deep cleaning is extremely crucial for preventive hygiene. We need a floor disinfectant that doesn’t just clean but also exhibits a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activities. You must totally check out the Domex Floor Cleaner that contains more than 0.75% sodium hypochlorite. This means it is effective against a wide range of harmful germs and pathogens along with leaving a smell which reassures hygienic cleaning. 

4. Waiting too long to clean the spills

Nothing is worse for our floors than putting off cleaning up a spill. But we do it anyway because not a big deal right? These spills could be from something as innocent as juice, ketchup or jams, but we must clean it up immediately. Not only will it prevent the stains from settling in, but also rule out attracting any bugs to the area. Sparing 10-15 minutes in a day is no biggie! 

5. Not investing in a good vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a great tool to remove the daily layer of dust, debris and pet hair from our furniture and walls. However, when it comes to our floors, the same vacuum cleaner could prove to be not that effective. It shouldn’t take our cleaners any more than one try to pick up even a piece of popcorn from the floor. Besides, there are some dirt particles that are stubborn and need a stronger vacuum to be dealt with. So get a high-quality vacuum cleaner, and once you do, make sure to change the settings as per the quality of the flooring. 

We clearly don’t care for our floors as much as we should, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start now. After the last year and a half, we shouldn’t be taking hygiene lightly. And maintaining the health of our floors can also have long term effects on our health. If we are using an efficient disinfectant like the Domex Floor Cleaner, then we can rest assured that our floors are safe and hygienic. 

The product contains more than 0.75% sodium hypochlorite which is recommended by leading health organisations. It helps in killing germs almost instantly and even under exceptionally low concentrations. Besides, it is also excellent at removing stains and fighting unpleasant odours. 

Happy cleaning!