In association with Lego India

Does your mom still keep your childhood toys and clothes aside for her imaginary future grandchildren, or is she like normal? *rolls eyes*

But the astonishingly colourful assortment of my most embarrassing days aside, there’s one thing that I wouldn’t have traded for the world. My fuchsia pink box of LEGO® toys. As a kid, I loved building my own little toy world with LEGO bricks. Turns out, it’s actually super educational for kids because it helps in their brain development. 

And with the exciting new themes, models and sets from the bustling city of the realistic LEGO world now available in India, we are listing down 7 key life skills children pick up while playing with their favourite toy brand. 

1. Communication skills 

Picking up the right social skills at a tender age becomes extremely crucial in deciding how well we can navigate through this world. Playing with our LEGO brick buddies, children often need to work collaboratively to construct something together. While at school they may have friends, at home they can take help from their parents. This gives them the opportunity to express themselves, share and even learn from each other. Not to mention, the conversations also help in the development of language skills. 

2. Problem solving 

In essence, LEGO toys are a puzzle where children need to read the instructions, interpret and build something. There are so many things to be considered here, colour, shape, size and design. In a bid to create something unique based on their imagination, the kids have to ultimately get their brains racking which can only grow their problem solving aptitude. The harder they think, the better.

3. Patience and persistence

Now life doesn’t always go as per our expectations, right? This is an important lesson that even kids need to register at an early stage. With LEGO toys, they understand this reality more effectively. A lot of times while building some design, the structure would fall through or just not turn out a certain way. Children can take this as a frustrating experience, but at the same time also learn to not be defeated by this. They learn to keep trying, to build, unbuild and rebuild until they get it right

4. Sharing

What’s more assuring in life than knowing that there will always be someone to back you up with resources when you run out of your own? Sharing indeed means caring. And playing with LEGO bricks presents plenty of opportunities for kids to exchange, give and take each others’ blocks to make something beautiful. This also enhances a key friendship skill that every child must have. 

5. Science and technology 

Science is the driving force behind everything we do. And waiting to learn about it from textbooks simply doesn’t make any sense. Besides, when there’s LEGO bricks available to establish the sense of understanding with practical experience, then why not do it? Based on their building experiences in the past, a child learns to come up with new techniques to accomplish their task. And it’s actually interesting because doing so regularly also lays a strong foundation for their interest in scientific studies and also sharpens their memories!

6. Mathematical awareness 

Maths is not just about addition and subtraction. Volume, quantity, symmetry, correspondence and patterns, all come under its umbrella. And playing with these ever so fun LEGO bricks is an unofficial guide to getting your mathematical aptitude on point. There are a specific number of blocks and bricks to build any design. Understanding the value each block, minifigure or brick adds to a given design is crucial in determining a person’s mathematical abilities. 

7. Creativity

Finally, playing with LEGO bricks is like giving wings to your creativity. Children have immense imaginations which they can easily tap into with LEGO toys. At a young age, kids have the ability to think whatever tickles their fantasies. While playing with their favourite LEGO toys, children actually get to express themselves by expanding on their imagination in real life. The pride they take in their LEGO creations can even encourage them to become free-style creators and storytellers!

LEGO Group officially announced their launch in India in 2020, and they continue to capture both the markets and our hearts with their innovative and exciting collection of toys. The LEGO system-in-play is the ultimate platform for creative expression and creative problem solving for kids of all ages. They will be learning through playing with LEGO bricks and sets, which can help them grow a vision to build and develop this world tomorrow.  

And now, as part of Amazon Prime Day from 26th July to 27th July, the brand is launching some exciting and exclusive LEGO sets. Check out these fun new sets here and inspire the little members of your family to rebuild the world. Besides, these sets are so much fun, you can be sure to get some extra love from them.