Wait it out like Liverpool did. 

For the fans of the club, there is a lot to feel proud of and while the agony of the human race continues, a certain bunch can finally sleep better for a few days.

There are records to be shown off, there are Twitter fights to be won, there are congratulatory messages to respond to and there is one solid reason to justify the obsession for football for those who don’t understand it. 

Or maybe one solid reason to not justify it at all.

But their biggest achievement doesn’t lie in winning the title, it lies in waiting for it. Hanging in there, walking together.

It took 30 years for the Reds to lay their hands on the Premier League trophy. 

3 decades; which may have seemed shorter than the last 3 months.

Fathers explaining to their kids why it is important for the team in Red to win and those kids growing up to become the same father.

Emotional investment so big that nothing could have ruined things. Except a virus. 

When the Premier League was cancelled earlier this year due to coronavirus, Liverpool were just two wins away from the title. 


And an emotional Jürgen Klopp had then said:

Today, football matches aren’t important.

Such a big statement to come from a man who had looked forward to the moment of glory for 5 years. 

Again, the wait. It’s an unfair life.

But somewhere, I think, even the football Gods got tired of testing commitment. The league came back, slowly, and the victory rushed.

The same Jürgen Klopp, was in tears last evening. Understandably, and for a good reason. With a cracking voice, he said:

Tonight, we couldn’t hold back. 

Clinching the title with 7 games to spare: A record. 

23 home victories – A record. 

25-point-lead: A record.

Those are some numbers which might be forgotten with the fading memory and records that might be surpassed.

What will stay, is turning up every weekend. Cancelling plans to watch the team play, getting angry on bad days, but still calling up and saying ‘I can’t come’ the next Sunday. 

That is what this title is about. 

Wait it out like Liverpool did.