At this point, almost all of us have been working from home. And surprisingly enough, none of our bosses have complained about how it has affected our work. 


Why I am saying that is because before all hell broke loose, whenever we asked our bosses to let us work from home, they somehow find ways to say no. ‘Oh, you gotta be here or there will be communication issues’.

So where have those issues been for the last four months? You just wanted us to come to office so that you could lord over us, didn’t you, ya sadistic bastard?


I mean, I don’t want to put the ideas of a true revolution in your head, because it’s already there, isn’t it? Guys, you have been waking up just 5 minutes before you’ve to punch in to work, sitting on your beds, sipping coffee and working for more than 120 days now. 


If anything you’ve been putting in more hours and more work, not that the two are related but nevertheless, you have been getting the job done and more. 

So the question that really needs to be asked is, why do we even need to go to the office when we can work from home and efficiently. And we have been efficient cos’ a lot of places are still running. 


I mean, think about it. On a normal day when you had to go to the office to work- you would have wake up early, do your chores, take a shit, a bath (and not in that order) and rush to the streets to find an auto (not all of us can afford cabs, Karen), haggle the shit out of him, wait some more, find an auto that actually wants to go to your office at the price that suits you, and that’s just the beginning of your day.


Once you actually reach office, where your boss has somehow reached before you and has had his/her/their coffee and now is about to lecture you on puctuality. 

Really? Can we also talk about the overtime culture you have at the office while we are at it? No? That’s what I thought. 

Then you have annoying co-workers, who will find ways to get on your nerves every single day. So good luck if you are an introvert. Cos’ fuck that. Your personal space is a concept that they are too extroverted to understand. 


By the time you return from work, you’re almost always late, and then you have to follow the same process with the autos. It’s actually worse if you’re travelling by a Metro. Cabs will get stuck in peak evening traffic, causing the fare to go up as you listen to every dumb creature on the planet going off. 

By the time you reach home, you are dead. You’re mentally and physically exhausted and have no time for your family or for yourself. You don’t have a life. Period. 

Get trendy

You know, what can put a stop to all that? Work from home! Wake up late, be comfortable as you work without having to hear chatter or bargain for autos (only the Lord knows what purpose those metres serve). spend more time with your family. Be happy. 


After all, why waste time, energy and money, a lot of money on travelling every day when the same work can be done more efficiently from under your own blanket?