While charting the differences between baby boomers and millennials and Gen Zs may become our share of memes for the day, there are many serious things that —not just baby boomers— but our elders would like us to know. 

This thread on Reddit is all about people older than 30 blatantly confessing annoying things that the young generations do. And I think it’d do us good to check this out.

1. “Expect that I’m not up to what’s going on in the Internet. I was in my late 30s, when a friend’s son tried to explain me memes. He got them wrong too.”


2. “When they say, ‘have you heard this sound (from TikTok).’ Bro, that’s a speech from Schindler’s List. That’s not a ‘sound’ and it isn’t from TikTok.”


3. “Act like they invented something, or discovered a brand new thing when they have the Internet and can look up exactly where and when the said thing came from.”


4. “I’ve heard 20 year olds say, ‘I hope I die before I have to turn 30.’ I wish them the best of luck.”


5. “I get this all the time. I’m 32 and so many people are like, ‘I thought you were 27ish?!?’ How much do people think one ages in five years? It’s not like we keep aging like we did from elementary school to high school lol.”


6. “I’m 45 and I still play video games. I grew up in the 80s and 90s. Video games is all. So when some kid gets in our party chat (Xbox) and starts chewing me out or making fun of me cause I’m old and shouldn’t be there it ticks me off. Like what are you gonna do when you’re 45 kid? Tell the house robot to leave you alone while you play more call of duty VR?”


7. “Kindergarten/primary teacher here. Kids are so wholesome until the parents buy them a phone.”


8. “Act like they’ve experienced more than us. I’m only 33 but wow, the amount of 16 to 22 year old that talk down to us is absurd.”


9. “There’s nothing like being lectured on relationships by someone who’s still in high school.”


10. “Just being loud in an otherwise quiet place. I take the bus and almost everybody is just quietly looking at their phones or listening to music except for the inevitable kids loudly facetiming or something.”


11. “They will write ‘Hi’ and nothing else. Then they wait for you to say Hi also. Then you wait for them to ask whatever. Just ask the damn question in a single message so I can respond quickly and we both continue with our days.”


12. “Sneering at younger kids or their own peers for being ‘cringe’. I fucking promise you that you’re as cringy as they are, it’s just going to take you ten years to realize it.”


13. “Oversharing unnecessary drama on social media.”


14. “Using trauma to excuse mistreating people. This generation has pioneered making it acceptable to process and be open about trauma, and that’s a great thing, but it’s not cool when you behave in a cruel and selfish way and expect to get a pass because of it. Your mental health problems are not your fault but they are your responsibility.”


15. “Care so much about what others think, they’re not truly themselves. Maybe not for everyone, but most over 30s I know agree that you stop giving a shit and can be yourself unapologetically when you mature a bit. Its a relief!”


16. “Being an asshole just for TikTok views or whatever they do on that platform.”


17. “Speak with confidence about shit they don’t know about. Especially when it relates to life experience.”


18. “Put your fucking phone down when you drive! It can wait. I fucking promise you it can wait.”


19. “Just because students see videos that say learning is dumb on TikTok, doesn’t mean that it is, especially when said middle school students read at a third grade level with help.”


20. “Refer to the 1990s as the late 1900s. You’re young, we get it.”


21. “Going to concerts and watching through their phones as they take videos. They are denying themselves the experience! Put down the phones and fully enjoy the experience!”


Honestly, all of them make sense. If you’re guilty of any of these, I think it’s time to do some introspection.