Concerts are nice and all – we get to see our favourite artists. And there’s a certain energy that builds up when we find people with a similar interest in the same space. But sadly, we also meet people who leave us with a terrible experience, because they do things that are too annoying. They’re usually small habits, but they become too noticeable in a space like that.

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And let’s just face it, no one likes to be ‘that’ person. So avoid being yourself if you do these things at a concert:

1. Filming the entire concert.

I get how we record a lot of things for social media, and that’s fine, even understandable. But what’s with the obsession of filming the entire concert? You’re quite literally missing out on a lot of it, or someone else is because you wouldn’t put your arms and phone down. What’s the point of watching someone live, if you aren’t even there?

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2. Pushing your way to the front.

We all want to watch our favourite singer or band closely, that’s the whole point. However, it still doesn’t justify pushing other people to reach somewhere in the front, or ahead of them. Also, let’s just face it, some people literally save a spot by standing in the same place, longer than you did. So, taking that away basically makes you a bad person.

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3. Disrespecting the opening act.

It’s understandable that you’re excited to see the main performance or act, but nothing, not even that justifies disrespecting someone else’s effort. Just like the artist you might be there for, the person opening for them has started off on a journey. And they’re there because they’re talented, so even if you do not have the patience, respect someone’s work out of sheer humanity.

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4. Yelling

Maybe this is an underrated opinion, but the constant yelling gets too much after a point. Yes, you like the artist, I like them too. But, do not keep shouting random things throughout the act, they anyway can’t hear you.

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5. Sneaking in things that are prohibited.

I’ve quite literally seen management run after people because they were smoking during the concert, when it was prohibited. And this is not a judgement about a habit, it’s about doing something that is clearly not allowed. Also, this just ruins it for the people in-charge, who have to keep a watch just because someone else is too ‘cool’ to follow rules.

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6. Spilling food & beverages.

Of course you want food & something to drink (after all the yelling) and that’s normal. But getting carried away and not realizing that you’re spilling it over others, that’s just peak bad behavior. Have fun and dance, but wait till you finish eating and drinking. That’s just basic common sense.

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7. Constantly using phones.

Okay, it’s your phone and you’re using it, certainly it’s your choice. But when people are at a concert, specifically when it’s fully packed, it irritates everyone around you if you keep using your phone to check out reels, messages, or worse, call someone. Also, why do you go if you’re so disinterested?

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8. Getting so drunk that you forget social norms.

Again, not judging the choice to drink, but there’s a certain line that you mustn’t cross in a public place. And when it’s something like an event, where there’s literally very little place to stand, it’s best not to do anything that hinders someone’s space further. Getting drunk, behaving a certain way – this just ruins it for everyone else, more than you.

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Just saying, having fun doesn’t mean that you cannot be civil.