Admit it or not, people with and without money live quite different lifestyles.

There are a lot of things that rich people do that doesn’t make sense to us commoners. But, there are also some things they do that are downright annoying. 

We came across a Reddit thread where people have ranted about what do rich people do that really annoys others and we can’t stress on how relatable that is. 

1. “When they insist that money doesn’t buy happiness. Maybe it doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy vacations, therapy, adequate medical care, and not having to worry about whether or not you’ll have the money to pay rent and eat every month.”

– Shmeg19

2. “When they don’t pay taxes.” 

3. “Try to be relatable to “regular” people on social media. Like remember when celebrities were struggling just as much as everyone during covid in their multi-million dollar homes? Yeah, they can f**k themselves.”

– bguzewicz 

4. “When they act like or say they’re ‘self-made’ when they grew up affluent.”

5. “Get away with things because they have money for better lawyers/bail/payout etc.”

6. “Employ others for low pay and bad benefits in an unsafe working environment and think they’re doing the people they employ a favor.” 

7. “Say that we’re all on the same boat. Nope. We definitely aren’t.”

8. “Pretend like they work harder than everyone else.”

9. “Failing to recognize the extent to which luck (including luck of birth) played into their success.”

10. “Use their money and power to make laws and policies to enrich themselves even more, all while keeping the rest of us fighting among ourselves for the scrapes.”

11. “Assume they are intelligent.”

12. “My rich friend orders 20 things from McDonald’s and eats two of them, and then throws the rest away. I’m not exaggerating. She is infinitely kind and generous, but that kind of waste makes me shake my head.”-

13. “Complain about being stuck in their large mansion with a pool, tennis court, etc. during the pandemic.

My < 700 sq. ft. apartment is probably the size of their closet.”

14. “When they tell people, ‘Travel and expand their horizons.’ Traveling is expensive.”

15. “When they’re so freaking cheap. They won’t leave tips or will argue over 10 cents while shopping.”

16. “I’ve known some fairly rich people complain that they have too much money. Give it to me then — I’ll put it to good use.”

17. “Assume that people who have low-paying jobs just didn’t work hard enough or aren’t smart enough to get any better jobs.”

I’m sure there’s a huge list that still isn’t covered. Shoot your rants in the comments below.