When it comes to our country’s rules and regulations, the ones that apply to public areas are some of the most important ones. I mean, every citizen deserves to enjoy clean spaces, don’t they? So when we found this Reddit post of a fine receipt that Bangalore officials have started handing out to people who spit in public places, we just had to talk about it. 

The picture is a receipt of a person from Bangalore who has been fined ₹500 for spitting on the road. And upon seeing this, other reddit users decided to share how desperately their own cities, or rather, the entire country is in dire need of such a rule! Take a look. 

1. Delhi is one city that needs this desperately. The iconic “Connaught Place” is a testament to this.

– FinalTap 

2. This needs to happen in Mumbai on an urgent basis. Every time I go out for a run on the streets, I literally have to be watchful of people standing on the side of the road because you never know when someone decides to spit. It’s like a game, but of course one that you cannot enjoy. It’s insane to think how many people spit on an average in this city, I’m not sure what it’s like elsewhere. It’s crazy!

– jaymavs

3. This should be there all over India.

– MadscientistSteinsG8

4. Introduce this in Delhi NCR please.

– pseudoalpha

5. If everyone that spit were to be fined like this, we can reduce road tax and few other types of tax that will benefit all common law abiding citizens.

– tifosi7

6. Do this in UP/MP and they’ll become the richest states in the country.

– vpsj

7. If this happens in Pune and Mumbai, saara debt nikal jaayega government ka.

– SupaSaiyan9000

8. Good, apply this rule in Kanpur now… UP government’s going to raise enormous amounts of fund.

– muxn369

9. Delhi needs this so bad. Kolkata too.

– andabread 

10. That’s a good start! Implementation of this rule everywhere in India is needed!

– bay_fiker

11. Implement this in UP and traffic police will be millionaires in a week.

– amaanrizwan

12. Should be implemented all over India, I remember a similar rule was present in Sikkim. In 2011 we went to Gangtok for a trip, with one of our family friend’s family. Their youngest one threw a Frooti bottle outside the car, traffic police stopped their car and didn’t leave until they paid penalty. For the incident, we had to wait, and I will remember the lesson for rest of my life. 

– Sanjoy_10

Listen to the janta, please!