Lock down : Day 53 

We're almost nearing the 6th month of the year and normal isn't even normal anymore. When I look at my Instagram archives from just last year, all those mindless partying, eating out and getting drunk with my friends in the same realm seem delusional now. 

Source: Dichotomy

Oh! And talking about getting drunk, I just read that the Maharashtra government has already started delivering alcohol.


Considering the amount of bad news we go through on a daily basis, did I just read that a state has started delivering alcohol at our frigging homes? Well, to reconfirm this I raided the hell out of Google and found out that Maharashtra is NOT the only one. 

That's right! Several states in our country have already started this process for alcohol home delivery. 

So, sitting here in the capital of the country, I just have one question for the government - Bhai humko kab milegi daaru? 

Source: Telegraph

No seriously! I can't even remember the last time I even had the mere sight of a bottle of alcohol, leave alone drinking it. Sometimes, I miss alcohol so much that I keep rewinding scenes of movies where people are actually drinking it just to feel its presence around me. 

Sure, the government did open all those thekas with several stringent rules.' But, does anyone remember how well those "rules" worked out for the government? 

Forget, 'only five customers allowed in the shops at one time', people were literally piling over each other just to even smell the alcohol. All those norms of social distancing were chucked out of the window when it came to re-opening those wine and beer shops.

So yeah, like a true Indian who knew this was coming, I never went to buy alcohol in the first place. 

But hey, alcohol is important okay? Not just to drown our sorrows, but for the frigging economy. For a city like Delhi, alcohol alone contributes to about 14.1% of the state government’s total revenue. That's a lot! 

Source: Telangana Today

I mean the queues following the re-opening of these liquor shops alone has been an indication that alcohol is literally one of the major sources that can actually save our economy.  

So, why not invest in home deliveries just like the other states? Sure, some of the non-delivering states have implied a 70% extra corona tax which will help a lot, but it still is putting people under a lot of risk. 

Source: Telangana Today

So, isn't it a viable option for both the consumers and the government to start delivering alcohol at our doorsteps? It doesn't have to be chaotic. We can imply strict guidelines just like Maharashtra. 

This is literally good for everyone. So, can the government please start with the home delivery already so that I can at least get hammered all by myself?