Some days you scroll through Twitter and wonder, “is this for real”? Yeah, it’s one of those days today. 

We already know dowry is still prevalent in many parts of India, and not only is it a patriarchal concept but often results in devastating effects for a woman. And yet, there is a textbook explaining the “merits” of dowry, that naturally, makes the situation worse.

The Twitter user shared how a college textbook in India is talking about the benefits of dowry, which is regressive & problematic on so many levels! 

Have a look: 

Every point here is insane, and the sheer details they have mentioned are enough to tell how much we need to evolve. 

Ugly-looking girls can be married off with attractive dowry with well or ugly-looking boys.

So the textbook is a part of the Sociology for nurses syllabus and is available on Amazon. And guess what? It had 4.5 ratings.

Twitteratis is clearly pissed, and they feel it’s hard to believe that we are in 2022. 

How could they actually print this?

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