There’s no doubt that desi relatives and har baat mein taang adana walk hand-in-hand. No matter where or how old we are, our ‘beloved’ desi relatives would find a reason to poke us – and we know that we are not alone!

We asked people to share their controversial views on desi relatives and trust us, the responses are too relatable. Take a look!

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1. “They hardly care about us in general, but they don’t leave a chance when it comes to things that they can be condescending about. They are too nosy.” -Manya Ailawadi

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2. “For women, especially, relatives almost never acknowledge our achievements. They either ignore them or move on to someone else.” -Anonymous

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3. “I feel relatives have no right to shame kids on the basis of their physical appearance, academic marks, or any other shortcoming. It’s disrespectful and dehumanizing.” -Tryambak Budhiraja

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4. “No one owes their relatives anything just because they are related – especially our time.” -Riddhima Kapoor 

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5. “All relatives secretly hate each other. To be honest, some relatives only reach out to get insights about our lives.” –Anonymous

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6. “I remember how my relatives used to call only when I got my school results or after I chose Humanities as my stream – not even on my birthday. My aunt was all like ‘how will you grow in life if you go ahead with this’ and I couldn’t care less. I’m an artist now and I think relatives should only be allowed to call once in 12 months, that too if it’s urgent.” -Raj Arora

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7. “Unless these relatives are doctors, they shouldn’t be asking about our babies or our future planning about them. It’s our life, we’ll deal with it. -Anonymous

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8. “Relatives shouldn’t give unsolicited career advice – which actually sounds like taunts.” -Snigdha Oreya

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9. “Well, the relatives who bodyshame or pass nasty comments about the groom or bride on their wedding night, should be sent without offering food.” -Gunjan Joshi

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10. “People in general, but especially relatives, should stop assuming that they bring joy to another person. No offense, but I don’t want you at my wedding. This could happen even with people who haven’t necessarily done anything bad to me…the fact that most relatives have, is an added problem.” – Ira

Dear relatives, please take notes!