Let’s admit it, looking for an apartment is one heck of a task. I mean, what happens when you come across a roommate who has a gazillian rules and regulations, or simply gives you the absolute creeps! 

For instance, this apartment ad posted by a 44-year-old man demanding a female flat mate who is okay with leaving her doors unlocked. Shady AF if you ask me. 


Finding a roommate who matches your likes, dislikes is pretty much a milestone in adulthood. But, finding a SAFE roommate is what it’s all about, TBH. And this ad tweeted by @DevinDonuts is pretty much the opposite of safe. 

The person who has posted the ad clearly wants someone who has no boundaries and does whatever he wants!

So, of course twitizens shot back with the most epic responses to this creepy AF ad. Take a look.

He may be looking for a lot of things, but roommate isn’t it.

And some people straight up asked for the guy’s phone number to report him. 

As @kidzbopkpop said, how did he even have the audacity to post the ad!