When you get old, start doing a job, start living alone and basically reach peak adulthood, your priorities change. 

For a person like me who sadly comes under all of these categories, my priority is just one – Stay in bed and sleep. 

No, really! The older I get every year, the number of times I say ‘no’ and the number of excuses I make have just increased. 

Saturday Night. Party karne chalein?
Nahi yaar, I have constipation. 
Oye! It’s been so long, let’s go out for brunch. 
Nahi yaar. Aaj diarrhea ho gaya. 

But now that I have ample time during this lockdown to think about my choices, my mistakes and basically my life, I just have one regret.  

Why the hell did I say no to all those social outings? 

All this time when I was casually making thousands of excuses to all my friends just to hang out in my room in those dirty pyjamas and watching the same episode of FRIENDS, I didn’t think that I would actually miss going out. 

It took a bloody lockdown for me to realize how necessary human interaction actually is. How much I miss interacting with random drunk girls in a women’s washroom and how much I actually miss trying 10 different outfits just to step out of the house. 

Make up what? Dressing up who? 

All my new clothes that I thought ‘I will wear once I go out clubbing’ but never did just haunts me now. It’s like they are taunting me ki bola tha na uss din ki party mein pehen le, kyun nahi gayi? 

I mean, I regret saying no to a social outing so much that now I even miss paying for those overpriced drinks at a restro bar that I thought was absolutely unnecseary. 

So, I don’t know about y’all, but being a hardcore lazy ass, this quarantine has finally made me realize the true value of social gathering that I skipped.

All. The. Time

So, whenever this lockdown gets over and someone asks me to go out anywhere, never will I ever make an excuse to get out of it.