It’s April 20th 2020 AKA 4.20.2020.

For all the people who instantly got the reference of these digits, they’d know that today is the International pot smoking day. 

Stoners who don’t know jackshit about why and how this day even has anything to do with pot-smoking had marked their calendars and made plans with their ganjedi dost for this day since ages. 

But there’s one thing us stoners couldn’t have planned in our wildest dreams. 

A freaking pandemic!

From the likes of Bob Marley and Bob Dylan, potheads are considered to be the universal symbols of the most chill, philosophical people who don’t give a rat’s ass about anything.

But hello! Jab peddler hi lockdown mein band hai toh chill kaise honge? 

There were so many dreams and desires for this day which have just evaporated with tons of sad memes.     

We’ll make a double barrel this time. We’re gonna hit bong. Oh Oh! It’s time we get that chillum out that we brought from Manali.  

All those vivid dreams with our buddies of becoming the next Seth Rogen, James Franco and creating a hotbox wherever we go. 

Those fantasies of puffing and smoking up just like the gang in That ’70s Show. Then going out to our favourite food outlet to relieve our munchies like Harold & Kumar have just vanished like our stash in this lockdown. 

But, so what if we don’t have stash or we’re stuck in a lockdown? We still don’t know what the hell is the significance of 420.

As soon as we’re done with this pandemic, we’ll be ready with some rolled joints, a lot of chewing and well.. a lot of those burgers we have been craving for.    

Until then, here’s passing everyone a virtual joint.