I adore winters, and no, the reason is not because I hate extreme heat or love wearing hoodies. The only reason I love this chilly season is because it reminds me of my childhood. 

From sitting with my grandma on a khaat and eating gajak with her to getting all winter clothes from the trunks and keeping them under the sun like some street market, I miss my childhood each time winter comes.


I know we all have our memories attached to this cold season and hence, I asked around and found out about people’s favorite winter memories from their childhood. Let’s go!


1. “My house was too small so we all used to eat in turns. However, in winter, I remember sitting with my grandparents and parents, and having breakfast in our backyard. I was too little but I clearly remember it. It used to be my favourite thing to do during winters.” -Aditi Arora

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2. “Our kitchen had a fair amount of space. So, we used to take a warm blanket and put it on the floor. Mom used to heat sweet potatoes, gajar ka halwa, and then we would sit down and eat it happily. Like a small picnic, but in our kitchen. My memories are a little blurry because I was barely five then. But, I remember that scene and how happy I used to be.” -Vasudha Sabharwal

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3. “I used to love, love and absolutely love hot oil champis that my mother used to give me during winter times. Now that I live abroad, this is what I miss the most as soon as winter comes.” -Nishant Sharma

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4. “Of course, school blazers. They were such a ‘cool’ statement back then. I used to wait the entire year to wear them in winter.” -Rahul Khatter

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5 “I remember watching Christmas movies on repeat while sipping hot tea. Also, just getting to have rounds of tea every day -without a reason.” -Manya Ailawadi

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6. “Other siblings used to fight for food or television remote, me and my sister used to fight for the warmest kambal. I still don’t know why were we asked to share one when we had a hundred more in our house.” -Nidhi Jain

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7. “I miss going to my naani’s house in a small village and basking in the sun – all day long. We used to peel oranges and peanuts throughout the day. We used to make breath vapors too. I miss those days.” -Siddharth Jawa

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8. “I remember how me and my cousins used to make Christmas and New Year cards during our winter break vacation. We used to decorate cards all day with glitters, cheesy quotes and a lot of cut-outs.” -Sakshee Shukla

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9. “Each winter, at least once, my dad used to put a bonfire in the evening and we used to savor hot pakoras. It’s one of the winter memories that’s etched in my heart.” -Anmol Bajaj

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10. “The only reason I loved winters was because my mother used to knit a scarf, sweater or cap for me, each winter. They used to be so colorful and so warm.” -Ishita Kumar

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Ah, this article really took us down the memory lane!