Probably the only thing we all are currently looking forward to is the aftermath of this deadly pandemic! While we’re still going through the worst phase, it doesn’t hurt to look at the bright side and think of what we could do once it all ends. Since there are a lot of things we could probably do, I asked a few people what would be the very first thing they would do and here were the responses I got.  

1. I will go watch a movie in the theatre.

I don’t care if the movie is good or bad, or even in a language I cannot understand,I just want to have my popcorn and Pepsi while I stare at a big silver screen and get the experience of watching a movie the way it’s supposed to be watched.

2. Go out for coffee with my coffee buddy.

It feels like ages since I went to a cafe to have a nice cup of coffee and 2) talked for hours with my best friend so once this gets over, I’ll do that first.

3. Fly back home. 

I will definitely go back home to meet my parents and grandparents because it’s been so long! Instances like these remind you of how unpredictable life can be so the first thing I’d do is go back to the people I love the most.

4. Keep my laptop aside. 

Yeah, the first thing I’ll do is keep my laptop aside. Although it’s been my best friend all throughout this, I’d just like to give my eyes some rest and stay away from it at least for 2 days so I can refresh and go back to it.

5. Go out clubbing.

Man it feels like ages since I just went out, had a nice night and forgot about all the worries in my life. I will definitely do this once things get back to normal. These times just remind me of how much I miss alcohol.