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Being an avid shopper that I am, I always keep myself updated about the events that are all about shopping. So recently, when Amazon announced its Amazon Great Indian Festival, I was more excited than I actually should be! But guys, you know what’s more exhilarating? Well, it’s the #AmazonFestiveYatra – the roadshow that’s no less than any festival where the best from every corner of India will come together! Yep, that’s right! Now, read on and find out the 4 reasons why it’s a one-of-a-kind roadshow… 

1. It’s a ‘house-on-wheels’ roadshow that will showcase over 600 products from all over India. So, it’s like experiencing the best of India together in one place! 

TBH, I was so excited when I got invited to take a tour and have a first-hand experience of the many sides of India with Amazon Festive Yatra! I mean, getting my hands on so many unique products from small & medium businesses, artisans, weavers, women entrepreneurs and startups was something really new to me. And, without a doubt, I can say that I had a helluva time out there! 

2. The roadshow will cover 6,000 kms, visiting 13 cities throughout the festive season. So, you can also catch a glimpse of it! 

Yep, that’s true! The Amazon Festive Yatra truck will be coming to your city too! If you want to get more info about the same, follow Amazon’s social pages and you’ll know what the experience is all about! BTW, below is the complete schedule for their roadshow: 
Ahmedabad: Location – GMDC on 26th Sept 2019
Hyderabad: Location – Hitex on 4th Oct 2019
Bangalore: Location – Manpho on 10th Oct 2019 

3. The Amazon Festive Yatra will be ferried in beautifully decorated Tata Signa trucks. So, it’s aesthetically approved as well! ✔️ 

The grandeur of this Amazon Festive Yatra can be experienced by just looking at these 3 special trucks. TBH, when I went inside one of these, the ambience was totally different and I had an amazing time indulging in the real-time shopping world of Amazon! Don’t believe it? Take a look at the picture and you’ll know what I am talking about! 

4. Oh, and this Yatra is also gonna feature a wide range of authentic art from Amazon’s special selection – Karigar and Saheli! Creativity: Check! ✔️ 

If you didn’t already know then let me tell y’all what these two selections are. So, Amazon’s Karigar program is a special store that features a wide range of authentic crafts – promoting handlooms and handicrafts from across the nation. And, Saheli is the section which promotes unique products by women entrepreneurs. So cool, isn’t it?  

And folks, here’s a quick making of the #HomeOnWheels that you must check out RN:

If the roadshow is so huge, imagine how huge the sale’s gonna be?! Speaking of which, this year, the Amazon Great Indian Festival will be live from 29th September midnight to 4th October and as usual, Amazon Prime members will get early access on 28th September at 12 PM! So, gear up for the never-seen-before deals and have a blast this festive season!