Balle Balle, the Punjabi word that is associated with everything joyous and delightful, immediately brings a smile to your face and makes your shoulder shake. 


But have you ever wondered where this term originated from? How did this word Balle which translates to ‘Hooray’ in English, actually come to be?


Well, the Punjabi word is believed to be derived from the Sanskrit word भल्ल (bhalla), which means “auspicious”,”favourable” and all things good. 

But both these words are actually variations (cognates) of the Persian word بله – baleh, which means “yes”, which itself has Arabic connotations. This is a reflection of the heavy Persian and Arabic influence in language in the Punjab region from the 12th to the 16th century. 


So the next time you hear the word in your favourite song, you have an extra tit-bit of information to share!