The last time we saw MS Dhoni play, this happened.

India Today

It has almost been 1 year since then but the memory of this moment is still clear in my head. 

And that hurts.

Asia Net News

So I thought maybe when I see him again during this year’s IPL, I will forget it. 

I will forget how, the one who always did the unimaginable, fell short when it was probably needed the most.

I will forget the dropping of his shoulders, the tears in his eyes.

I will forget how heavy that defeat made us feel.


This IPL was going to be special.

Going to…

The universe had other plans, and cricket wasn’t included in them.

So the wait continues.

Cricket Addictor

How great it would have been, to see him in the yellow Chennai jersey, entering the stadium amid cheers from his loyal fans.

How wonderful it would have been, to see him pulling off magic on the field.

Circle Of Cricket

How heartwarming to see him smile, satisfying to hopefully witness him win.

Cricket Addictor

But I suppose that won’t happen, and if it does, it won’t be the same.

If it all the IPL is played this year, it will be outside India and obviously without the crowd.

That changes everything.

NDTV Sports

So, I guess we will have to live with the memory of him from the World Cup semi-final.

And focus on the good parts of it.

For some time there, it did feel like he will get us through – and we were all one in that hope.

We were waiting for the over that changes it all. 

And while that didn’t happen, but we did get to see him try his best. That is enough. It has to be.

India Today

Let’s think about things this way because if and when he returns, we must welcome him with a smile.

I wish that happened sooner, I wish it didn’t take this long; but the world as we knew it, has changed. 

One thing hasn’t though, our love for him. And that demands we wait. Well, so be it.