If you’re reading this, I hope you are doing fine.

Because this year has been a ride. 

Just 6 months in, the question isn’t what all have we seen? 

It’s, what all have we not?

We have witnessed an entire forest burning for days, people being displaced, animals being killed.


We have witnessed some parts of our country burning.

The Indian Express

We have witnessed a life-altering pandemic in its ugliest form.

The Economic Times

And we have witnessed the demise of some beloved people.


That’s not even all, but still a lot to process.

And so, being there for other people, and ourselves, is more important now than it has ever been. Mental health should be our top priority in these trying times and something that cannot be compromised with.


Because as optimistic as one tries to be about the future, realistically, there is some time till we reach a point where things look even faintly similar to the old ‘normal’.

We have to protect ourselves. And those around us.


In heartbreaking turn of events, actor Sushant Singh Rajput lost his life to suicide today.

And I can’t help but think: What if he had someone to share his scariest thoughts with? What if some help could have saved his life?

We will never get the answers to those questions, but they do beg us to introspect.

Are we doing enough to stay sane? 

It’s safe to assume that in a lot of cases the answer to that would be a no. And that needs to fixed.


It sounds ironic, but fight for your peace if you have to. Demand it.

And even if it seems cliche, do what makes you happy. Make that Dalgona, paint even if you’re not good at it, dance if you’d like to.

Basically, be gentle to parts of yourself that have escaped damage, even after watching death and destruction around. 

Look after them, and heal the others.

A Conscious Rethink

And if you are in a position to help your loved ones/acquaintances, do so, in whatever capacity you can.

If you can’t have a video chat, call them. If you don’t like calling, send a text. 

But keep the communication intact, because it serves as a reminder that even though the world has changed, the people living in it are the same at their very core.

They still care, they are still empathetic and love is still what sustains us as humans.

Life Hack

On some days, it is tough, yes.

Take rest on those days. There is nothing wrong with not accomplishing your ‘goals for the day’.

Slept in for hours? That’s fine too.

Skipped breakfast? Have a heavy lunch.

We are in the middle of the biggest crisis our generation has, and hopefully will, see. There are absolutely no rules. 

So do whatever works for you, and if you can’t figure what it is sometimes, just go with the flow.


It has been a year of big realisations. It has shown us how little we need, and how much we want. It That ultimately, it’s about those few people who love you unconditionally. That those grades were not as important as we thought. That the time spent laughing, was.

Hopefully, we will get out of this storm soon, but until that happens, we have to learn how to ride the choppy waters. 

Your heart is your boat, don’t let it drown.