Masks are the norm these days. And it’s not like we have a choice. There is a virus doing rounds on a pale horse and it’s been taking a lot of names. And masks seem to be the only way to avoid it. 

Let me explain how the whole concept of how masks and viruses work. COVID-19 can spread through droplets in the air when someone infected coughs or sneezes in your vicinity and you consume it through your mouth or your nose, or your eyes (which is why you were asked to touch your face with your shoulders or elbows). 


Now, that being said, masks won’t be effective if you don’t wear them properly. And if you have been out on the streets lately, you know what I’m talking about. 


Yup, people wearing masks below their noses. Which is so ridiculous. That’s like letting your penis hang out outside your underwear. It defeats the fucking purpose of that piece of cloth. 


I mean, it’s not meant to cover your double chin. So why is it the sole purpose you’re using it for?  Also, if you’re wearing it below your chin, you might as well stop wearing it!


Now, when you breathe, you are constantly inhaling things inside. I hope you know that. You’re old enough to know that even if you never went to school. So, when you are not wearing a mask covering your nose, you are susceptible to inhaling the virus and getting infected. 


But this isn’t just about you, as much as you would love to make it about you (oooo, freedom to dress – shut the fuck up!). If you are infected and you might be, even without the symptoms, and you sneeze, you are risking a whole lot of other people, including those who are the most vulnerable. 


And those vulnerable people aren’t just the neighbours you hate. They could be your kids, you freaking wife or your god damn parents. Your immunity is not going to protect them. With your stupidity, it’s a surprise that it protects you. 

Also, what the hell are you thinking anyway when you wear a mask like that? Do you also wear pants and intentionally keep your zip open, you creep? 

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I just… I am just struggling to understand the logic behind wearing a mask below your nose. It’s difficult to breathe in a mask because it doesn’t allow air to escape or get in. That’s the whole point. It keeps the space tight and reduces your chances of getting infected or infecting others. 

Oh, you think I am being rude? Well, boo fucking hoo. Buckle up. I ain’t the only one. 

And please don’t say, ‘sab bhagwaan bharose hai!‘ Do you also refuse to wear abdomen guard while facing fast bowlers? Yeah, why don’t you leave it to God there, huh?

It’s high time you understand this that the rest of the body is as important as your balls. 


And women, you’re supposed to be smart ones. Don’t do as men do. We are stupid. You are better. 

We have more cases now than ever before. So, wear your masks and wear them properly. Cover your nose and your mouth. Don’t be dumb.