Today is ‘Ask a Question’ Day. Now, no matter who you are, you’ve got a lot of questions. And let’s be honest, if you are an Indian, you’ve some real issues that need to be dealt with but nobody is dealing with them. So we’ve got a hell of a lot of questions that need to be answered!

Even after 70 years of independence why do 31 million homes still not have electricity?  

Why do our news debates focus more on whataboutery than on facts? 

How do all the guests on a news show listen to each other when they all shout at the same time? 

Why has the Prime Minister not given a single press conference in 5 years?

Why is everyone so concerned about being fair skinned in this country?  

Why is everyone so obsessed with eating beef when India is one of the largest exporters of beef in the world?

Why do we compare ourselves to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia when it comes to equal rights for women? 

Why do we still have ads for fairness creams?  

How is women entering a temple still a problem?

Why is ‘women belong in the kitchen’ still a thing?

Why are people accused in #MeToo so easily forgiven and forgotten? 

Why are we still making whitewashed biopics of controversial people? 

What did the Karni Sena find in Padmaavat to get offended about? 

How did we manage to confuse MS Excel with Surf Excel and Snapdeal with Snapchat?  

Why do men still send dick pics? 

Why do we complain about our data being stolen and then give the apps permission to find out what Twilight character we are? 

Why have we allowed 90 people to be killed via mob lynchings since 2015? 

Why was Babu Bajrangi granted bail despite admitting to slashing open the stomach of a pregnant woman?

Why are fuel prices at an all-time high when the crude oil prices are lower than they were 5 years ago? 

Why is tonnes of food wasted due to stupid problems when millions in the country still go hungry? 

Why are history books being rewritten to suit political agendas in certain states? 

Why do women get paid far less than men for doing the same job? 

Why is women’s clothing still considered to be an invitation? 

Why do men still say #NoHomo after saying I love you to another guy? 

Why do we still have to carry sanitary napkins in black polybags? 

Why do people insist on calling pulao, ‘veg biryani?’ 

Why is menstruation still a taboo?

Why is sex still a taboo given that there are 1.3 billion of us? 

When will Bollywood stop remixing classic songs and ruining them? 

Why are people still following Asaram Bapu after all the heinous crimes he has been accused of? 

Why are we so obsessed with foreign breeds of dogs while Indies are treated horribly?

Why do fringe groups attack non-veg restaurants during Navratra and get away with it?  

What did the anti-Romeo squad achieve again? 

Why does the Prime Minister follow toxic trolls on Twitter?  

When will TV journalists ask the government tough questions? 

Why are we so focused on renaming cities instead of actually making them better?

Why do people still listen to unscientific nonsense by religious gurus?

Why is education still a privilege and not a basic human right? 

Why didn’t we realise that India and Pakistan have more than 200 combined nuclear heads while calling for war? 

How are Kashmiri students responsible for the suicide bomb attack in Pulwama? 

Why was Patanjali given tax-exempt status?

When are Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and the like coming back to answer for their crimes? 

Why is manual scavenging still a thing? 

Why do we still want ‘pure virgin’ brides for our sons?

Why does the censor board decide what is appropriate for adults to watch and what is not?

Why do we care more about celebrity babies than underprivileged children?

Why is Ghar Wapsi even a thing?

Why do we still have honour killings? 

Why do people still cater to the jingoistic nonsense Bollywood peddles these days? 

Ah well, if only someone could answer them all!