We all know that our planet is not in the best shape currently. All the unpredictable weather, air pollution, land waste and ocean waste is a clear indication of where we are at. 

And it’s definitely time we take action on it. We can no longer relax and wait for things to get better! Which is why we’re so glad for the existence of these NGOs that are working to make the environment better. 

While some are working to solve land waste problems, others are trying to plant as many trees as possible (because lord knows we’re running out). So, take a look and read on to see the kind of wonderful work they’re doing. 

1. Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group

Chintan works at reducing waste and consumption by managing solid and electronic waste and advocates around the same issues. 


2. SankalpTaru Foundation

SankalpTaru Foundation is an e-NGO that focuses on protecting and conserving the environment. The organisation has planted trees across 21 states and some of the most polluted cities of India. 

3. Mukti

Mukti works for the social and economic development and environmental protection of the Sunderbans of West Bengal  In fact, it has been operating in the Sunderbans for almost two decades! They also work with local communities who’ve been affected by natural disasters. 

Mukti web

4. Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE)

Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE) focuses on energy efficiency and how it can conserve the environment. The NGO also attempts to create opportunities for the disadvantaged sections of society. 

5. Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE)

ATREE focuses on and work towards issues such as biodiversity and conservation, climate change mitigation and development, land and water resources, ecosystem services and human well-being. 

They’re all doing God’s work.