On Tuesday, the IPL Media rights were sold for ₹48,390.50 crores in an e-auction for the 2023-27 cycle. The TV rights went to Disney-Star, Viacom took the digital, and overseas rights went to Times Internet. Now, while this is a business transaction, we couldn’t help but wonder what other things could have been done with this money? And here’s what we found.

1. We could have built another 80 lakh houses for the poor. 

ABC News

2. Can increase the budget of the Ministry of Earth Sciences by 24 times.

Google Earth

3. We could open 240 IIMs and 27 more IITs across the country.

The Wire

4. We could also open 24 more AIIMS in the country.

Business Today

5. This could have sponsored 1-year education in Bihar, and we’ll still have some money left.

India Today

6. We could have built 96 lakhs school sanitary complexes all over the country. 

Suchitwa Mission

7. We could raise 88,974 children from the moment they are delivered to the age of 21.  

Business Standard

8. The Nirbhaya Fund budget could have been increased by 12 times.

Times Now

9. The Climate Change Action Plan budget could have been increased by 1600 times


10. Could have paid wages to 1,00,00,00,000 migrant workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic.


Note: These numbers are subjective and are only shown here for representational purposes. The actual numbers could vary vastly.