In association with Voot Kids

This year has been pretty interesting. We experimented with Dalgona coffee, shopped a lot online and amid other things, stressed over whether we need to bathe before the morning zoom call. But most importantly, we made peace with staying at home. 

It wasn’t always easy to resist the temptation of stepping out, but we somehow grew into it. Ever wondered how the little kids coped with this? For them, this year meant not going to school, no more attending birthday parties, not playing hide-and-seek with friends or even taking swing rides at the playground! Not cool right? It’s high time they let the world know how they’re feeling. 

That’s why Voot Kids has come out with the most fun and interactive campaign, called #UnmuteTheKids which has fired the imagination of children across the country. Kids are finally taking the stage and speaking up about the new normal. And we’re amused at how much they all have to say! Just take a look at how LIT this campaign is. 

#UnmuteTheKids has turned out to be quite a rage among children across India. Thousands of entries are coming in from different parts of the nation, where children are sharing their stories of the new normal. And the best part is, that this campaign has also given all the parents an opportunity to spend that extra quality time with their children. The kids are opening-up which also helps parents realise how exactly the little ones have been feeling all this while. Isn’t that lovely? Let’s listen to what this little munchkin has to say. 

Adorable right? This campaign is not just encouraging the healthy habit of self-expression in these small wonders, but it has also unleashed the superstars hiding in some of them. Just take a look at this jaunty rapper right here

We’re really impressed with how entertaining these kids can be. Sometimes their sheer innocence can also give us some hope of building a joyous future. Like this little boy here who wants to go all the way to Los Angeles just to buy toys!

This campaign has turned out to be a joyful ride indeed. Kids are ranting about how much they miss their school lives, but not without adding a dash of their innocence. Just like this adorable girl who misses sharing her food with her friends. 

You can totally check out more of these fun videos here. So, guys, you can too turn to the little members of your house, record their stories of the new normal and post them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #UnmuteTheKids. In fact, daily winners in this contest can win exciting vouchers worth ₹2000. And one lucky weekly winner can also win a laptop! So you better hurry because the campaign ends on 28th December. 

Children are the future and their voice matters. So let’s unmute the kids around us and give them an opportunity to shine through.