Sure, all holidays are great. However, chilling on long weekends hits differently. While making travel plans during these tough pandemic times might seem a little difficult, lazing around at home in cozy pyjamas sounds like a damn good plan too, right?

We are here today, to help you out on planning your long weekends in advance for the upcoming year. Here are all the long weekends you can look forward to!

1. January 14th to January 16th:

January 14th – Friday (Makar Sankranti / Pongal)

January 15th – Saturday 

January 16th – Sunday

2. February 26th to March 1st:

February 26th – Saturday

February 27th – Sunday

February 28th – Monday (Take an off)

March 1st – Tuesday (Mahashivratri)

3. March 18th to March 20th:

March 18th – Friday (Holi)

March 19th – Saturday

March 20th – Sunday

4. April 14th to April 17th:

April 14th – Thursday (Mahavir Jayanti)

April 15th – Friday (Good Friday)

April 16th – Saturday

April 17th – Sunday

5. April 30th to May 3rd:

April 30th – Saturday

May 1st – Sunday

May 2nd – Monday (Take an off)

May 3rd – Tuesday (Eid-Ul-Fitr)

6. May 14th to May 16th:

May 14th – Saturday

May 15th – Sunday

May 16th – Monday (Buddha Purnima)

7. August 6th to August 8th:

August 6th – Saturday

August 7th – Sunday

August 8th – Monday (Muharram)

8. August 11th to August 15th:

August 11th – Thursday (Rakhabandhan)

August 12th – Friday (Take an off)

August 13th – Saturday

August 14th – Sunday

August 15th – Monday (Independence Day)

9. August 19th to August 21st:

August 19th – Friday (Janmashtami)

August 20th – Saturday

August 21st – Sunday

10. October 22nd to October 24th:

October 22nd – Saturday

October 23rd – Sunday

October 24th – Monday (Diwali)

11. November 5th to November 8th:

November 5th – Saturday

November 6th – Sunday

November 7th – Monday (Take an off)

November 8th – Tuesday (Guru Nanak Jayanti)

I can’t wait to snuggle in my cosy blanket alone (sobs) on these long weekends, heat up some cheesy pizzas and watch people travelling to the Maldives through my social media!