Sustainable development can only come about in a society if we learn from our mistakes while using natural resources. For so long we've taken our resources so casually, wasting them at every dire opportunity Time and again, woke millennials have come up with ways to make people realise their wrong-doings, by cleaning up dirty roads, beaches and planting trees in their residential areas. But, this time it's Mahindra who is taking the lead in the #RiseAgainstClimateChange.  

Mahindra's Hardest Workers ad film will make you ponder over the fact that millions of trees are cut every day even as their value continues to increase.  

Taking the age old adage of ‘Medium is the Message’ to a new level, the entire film was uniquely created using recycled waste paper, making it environment friendly and highly differentiated while giving out a subliminal message on waste recycling. After the completion of the film, the sets constructed out of recycled paper were shredded and converted into manure, upholding the overall message of the campaign which is Environment Conservation.

This video is for everyone who needs to watch a feel-good environment film or just needs something to boost their creativity. 

The Mahindra Group has extensive experience in addressing climate change through various initiatives including their Project Hariyali program that has planted over 15 million trees in the last 12 years. They believe that together we can make a real difference to the environment, and thus they hope that this film will not only promote a better understanding of the cause of environment preservation, but also inspire action from others. 

Kudos to Mahindra for using cause marketing to make a difference! 

Sneak a peek at their behind the scenes and how these impeccably talented paper-artists worked tirelessly for 3600+ hours to create this masterpiece. Let's join hands and #RiseAgainstClimateChange before it's too late!