You are lucky if your memories of school consist of having really cool teachers that made it all the more exciting. 

I mean, being a good educator is underrated, TBH. Which is why this math teacher’s heartwarming Reddit confession about how she found out her students loved her is so great!

In the post, u/PuzzleBrain20, an 8th grade math teacher has talked about being called the GOAT by her students. Only to later find out that it means Greatest Of All Time! But u/PuzzleBrain20’s response to finding this out is even cuter!

Omg I am IN TEARS!!! I can’t believe they were complimenting me this whole time!!!! Thank you all for answering this question!!!!

-Said u/PuzzleBrain20

And here is how people have responded to this endearing post. So many people have expressed how they wish they’d have had a math teacher like her. Take a look. 

1. “It means Greatest Of All Time.”

– Ethan21162

2. “Yeah, it means they like you a whole, whole lot.”

– phuketawl

3. “So apparently for the movie Don’t Look Up the cast kept calling Meryl Streep the GOAT and she just laughed it off as well. Kept going on, and she just put up with it. One day, Josh Gad said “Oh no no the GOAT goes over there.” And she responded, “Right right the old goat over here okay okay.” And they went silent and had to tell her that it actually means Greatest of all Time and she was stunned silent as well. Welcome to being the Meryl Streep of math teachers.”

– Theothercword

4. “This is so cute man.”

– le_grey02

5. “I think this is the best thing I’ve ever read on Reddit..”

– asleepattheworld

6. “It’s so fucking wholesome.”

– le_grey02

7. “You’ve been pulling a Keanu Reeves without even knowing it! You’re breathtaking!”

– splendidgoon

8. “And if you earn that nickname as a *maths* teacher, you’re doing something very right!”

– Holshy

9. “GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time. It’s a compliment. Sounds like you’re a great teacher and they enjoy your classes. Which is saying something since math is most people’s least favorite subject.”

– Balrog229

10. “Oh, wow, OP, how I wish you were teaching math when I was in grade 8. (I suspect you were not yet born, however).”

– lawl7980

11. “As the spouse of a former teacher, this made my day! Congrats GOAT, that is a high honor!”

– scrambledeggnog33

12. “That is awesome. Teaching is the greatest gift.”

– RPCV8688

How adorable is this! I know I always needed a math teacher like this.