It’s not just Bollywood stars and fitness freaks who work to have ripped bodies. Well, SHO Baldev Kumar posted in Chandigarh has taken it upon himself to shatter all stereotypes. You ask how?

SHO Baldev Kumar, at the age of 52, has a jaw-dropping, jacked-up body that would put all of us to shame. 

Not just that, apart from having a ripped body, SHO Baldev is also a bodybuilder and a trained equestrian. 

While setting some fantastic fitness goals, he also managed to win many awards for bodybuidling and also represented India in a couple of competitions. 

But as mentioned earlier, that’s still just the tip of the iceberg. He has even tried his hands at modeling. 

With a chiseled physique like that and at such an age, it’d be shocking if he weren’t offered some modeling jobs. 

Well, there’s him, all jacked-up at the age of 52 and then there’s me, who is struggling to get out of bed. 

*Breaks into a yawn*