We always tend to assume that men don’t understand love and romantic dates the way women do. While it stands correct in most cases, some men do love to plan an intimate day for the woman they love. And, it’s all things adorable!

I remember how my boyfriend arranged and took me to watch my favorite romantic movie from the ‘90s on a breezy terrace, under the stars. Honestly, it meant a lot because it showed his effort and love towards me. I would never trade that memory for anything else in the world. It, in fact, made me believe that such men, who don’t shy away from showcasing their love, exist. 

I asked the men in our office to reveal how they would plan an ideal date for their partner, and the responses were both, romantic and heartwarming. Let’s check them down below, shall we?


1. I am a sun person. I like being out in the sun. So, my sundowner date will start at a restaurant with French windows. But wine won’t be on the menu, but beer. A cold crisp beer in the afternoon hits the spot, But beer can also fill you up, so a nice breezy walk in one of the many lush green forests of Delhi would be quite serene. After walkin’ and talkin’, it’s time for a bit of an adventure. I’d take my date for a movie. Now, wait a second “How’s this an adventure”, you ask. Well, a cinematic journey to Delhi’s single-screen theatre, where passion for cinema and repressed laughter blend to form a cacophony (read symphony), can trump any high-adrenaline adventure sport. I hope my date also believes so! I feel, a good date is like a good joke. It needs a setup and a punchline and in most cases, if you have a good setup, you will land the punchline. -Ishan Ratnam

2. “I get bored with one thing very easily and hence, I would like to incorporate a lot of things during the date. On a winter morning, I would like to take her on a picnic at Sunder Nursery. I would love it if we made some homecooked food, but also something that doesn’t take a lot of our time to make so that we don’t get tired while preparing. Next, I would love to take a pottery class with her in Nehru Place. After coming back from there, we’ll do mandala coloring at home. During lunchtime, we’ll cuddle and rest for a while. In the evening, we’ll get drunk a little with gin and tonic. For the night, we’ll go to a movie and book a seat right in the center of the theatre. Finally, late at night, we’ll put on some music, light some candles and relax. These sound cliche, but I enjoy doing them personally.” -Kanishk Priyadarshi

3. “My ideal date would be to watch a good and classic movie in the theatre. After that, we’ll find a good place that serves a good, classic desi cuisine like chole-bhature or rajma-chawal. Later, we’ll go to Connaught Place and eat an ice cream. I would like to finish it off with a goodbye kiss.” -Nanditesh Mishra


4. “For me, it should be relaxing and chilling out. I would like to talk, jam over some music, share food, laughing while watching a stand-up show. It’s basically different days, different moods. Right now, I’m more on a relax-and-watch-a-movie-and-chill-out kind of thing that doesn’t drain my social battery more.” -Akshay Nayar

5. “My ideal date would be going out in a bookstore and choosing books for each other. This will give us a better perspective about each other. I would also like to carry her bag and give each other some flowers. I would finish it off with a hug or a kiss.” -Anand Thakur

6. “It depends on the location. If it’s in an indoor setting, I would love to have a few drinks and watch our favorite series together. If we decide to head out, I would love to try some food that we both haven’t had before for a new experience. This will also give us a new subject to talk about, even if the food sucks.” -Vivek Chauhan

7. “I hate crowded spaces and like peace and nature. My ideal date would be somewhere in the mountains where can talk a lot and spend time with each other. Also, I love food. I would love to order a lot of good food. I’ll finish it off with a little walk around in the mountains. Honestly, it’s the small gestures that matter to me the most.” -Nripendra Balmiki

8. “My ideal date scenario would be sipping a piping hot cup of adrak waali chai at a ghat in Banaras. Truly, this is exactly what peace feels and sounds like. And, at that moment, no amount of crowd or noise would matter.” -Abhay Sinha

9. “I start my date with a beverage like tea, coffee or maybe wine. Then, we’ll prepare the iconic dal-tadka with ghee and rice or make some continental food, depending on our mood. We’ll finish the date by watching a movie.” -Kaustubh Chaturvedi

While some men don’t even text their women back, these men are the perfect examples of how a man can be romantic when they are in love.