A lot has been said about millennials – that they’re entitled, lazy, stuck to their phones, and incapable of acting as functional adults. As much of a bad rap as millennials get though, one need only take a look around to realise that they’re anything but. 

The CAA/NRC protests have seen millennials at the forefront – they’ve been spreading information, holding rallies, and coming up with the most creative ways to voice their dissent.

Generation Y has been leading the charge. The same generation that’s been ridiculed and mocked to high heaven has withstood some of the harshest crackdowns without losing its nerve. And it’s all been to protect and maintain the democratic fabric of this country. 

It’s being done to ensure that the tenets of justice laid down in our Constitution are not betrayed by a political party that only cares about winning.


That’s not all, though. The zeal and conviction with which millennials are fighting for their rights has given others the strength to stand up as well. 

People now know they are not alone, and that gives us courage against the threats of the ruling authorities – threats of detainment, violence, and undeserved harassment. 


They’ve suffered police brutality, they’ve been tear gassed, lathi-charged, and dragged out of their homes. And still they’ve risen up, mightier than before.

If that doesn’t say something about their fighting spirit, I don’t know what does. Case in point – the student who was pulled out of a house and beaten with sticks, only to be surrounded by women protesters, who then fearlessly stood up to the cops.


People have been protesting legally and peacefully, and the response to that has been police violence and the imposition of Section 144. But rather than bow down, millennials have gone by the bus-full to protest even harder.

The right to freedom of speech and expression allows for peaceful protest and criticism. Shockingly however, even these gatherings, made up of young adults simply chanting slogans and holding placards, have been picked up by police and detained without explanation.

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Millennial protesters have discovered ways to circumvent the internet and communication shutdowns with other apps, they’ve widely shared the numbers of lawyers willing to help out, and they’ve even provided mini-guides to peaceful dissent.

This just goes to show the ingenuity and sharp collective mind of the young people protesting. Every illegal method of control that the authorities have been using, has been met with an inventive retort of its own.


With all of this happening around you, with thousands out on the streets around the country making their thoughts known, it’s impossible to disregard the important role millennials play. So then next time some uncle shrugs off the contribution of a millennial with purpose, give ’em a big ol’ ‘Ok boomer’.