Moving out of the house you were born and brought up in, is a damn big deal and probably the first step of adulting. For the ones who have watched Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen Sharma’s Wake Up Sid, they will relate to the fact that it’s both terrifying and liberating at the same time. While majority of people find it “stupid” to pay the rent and choose to live with parents at the adulting stage, some of them get themselves out of their comfort zone to become independent. And none of them is a winner, we say.


We found an “unpopular opinion” on Reddit about the same subject which claims that “moving out and paying rent is stupid if you have a good relationship with your parents”. “I have a good job and moved out of my parents place because that was the thing thing society expects of you, to be successful and live on your own. I have a good relationship with my parents and after a few months I am regretting doing this,” the opinion posted by Leadtheway47 reads further.

Renting is fucking dumb and I would rather have this money I’m wasting on rent go to a retirement/savings account or a fucking sports car.


Redditors are sharing their personal opinions on it. While some agree, a few of them don’t:

The question here is, can you learn to be self sufficient and independent while living with your parents? Of course it’s great to save money on rent and everything, but having to buy groceries, doing laundry paying utilities, taxes, savings…Sometimes you need to fly out of the nest to learn this things, my opinion at least.


This assuming the parents won’t charge you rent since you’re an adult now.  


My parents couldn’t afford not to charge me rent if I stayed. I love my parents, and I’m sure I could’ve stayed. They tried their hardest to provide, and sacrificed a lot for me. I’m a fully capable adult. I’m not going to rely on my parents to take care of me.  


I agree. I’ve saved so much living with my parents. I’m forever grateful that I could live with them since we’re in a high cost of living area.  There’s a level of personal confidence and independence that’s achieved living alone that cannot be achieved if you live with your parents. This is because when you live with your parents, you live in the paradigm that makes you the dependents. This is what I believe.  


Definitely unpopular and extremely illogical. This idea inherently isn’t “stupid” or “fucking dumb”. It’s actually I wonderful idea as it shows responsibility and maturity. You word it as to vilify the concept and glorify the opposite. In reality both are wonderful if the situation fits.  


A Reddit user, Stellen999, jotted down seven points to justify how “multi-generational households are far superior to splitting families up”.

1. They take up let space. 

2. The economy of scale is irrefutable. Children benefit from contact with their grandparents.
3. Aging people benefit from contact with young children and other relatives.
4. Close family ties reduce the effect of temporary hardships like pregnancy, unemployment and rearing young children.
5. Entire communities benefit from large family groups who stick together. 
6. Reliance on family reduces reliance on social services, which frees up resources for those who do not have broad family connections.
7. Stable broad family connections tends to pass on values that help to stabilize broader society.

I’m fairly confident that moving out early is very helpful. You learn to be independent, and take control of your environment. It’s possible some people don’t need this, and also jive very well with their parents, like OP. However the flip side is, OP, you want the car? Make more money. Nobody really saves their way to wealth. Moving in with your parents basically settles you into a comfortable slow lane life, instilling a slow lane attitude. This is absolutely fine. You should just make sure you are consciously choosing this life.


I have a good relationship with my parents, but I like having my own whole ass house to do what I want with.  


Uh, I don’t believe in living at home AND not contributing to the household financially after 22. But I wouldn’t want to date somebody that wasn’t responsible and independent. I wouldn’t want to date a child.


I can’t agree with this at all. Your personal development hinges greatly on being able to physically and emotionally ‘leave the nest’. I mean, what do you say when you want to bring a romantic partner over? Or have anyone over? What about the idea that your parents, even though they love you very much, might be ready to start living a life where they don’t want to have their adult child hanging around?  


It’s called adulting. Unless your parents need help, get out and become independent.  


Jumping out of the nest is surely a subjective decision of an individual. To quote first Redditor’s reaction on the aforementioned thread, the question is, can you learn to be self-sufficient and independent while living with your parents? However, moving out of your parents’ house is definitely not “stupid” but a personal choice.