Undeniably, women are under the lens of scrutiny in every corner of this planet and if you happen to be a global star, you’ll inevitably be judged for your every little gesture captured on camera.

Case in point: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan recently graced the Cannes Film Festival and also attended L’Oréal Paris’ 25th-anniversary dinner ahead of the festival. In an article featured in The Voice of Fashion, she was heavily criticised for not looking age-appropriate and ‘twirling like a young beauty queen’.

The article in question starts with how her Botox isn’t anyone’s problem but then goes on to whine about the same the whole time.

A parallel is also drawn between Aishwarya and Hollywood stars namely Nikolaj Coster-Waldou, Kate Winslet, suggesting how the latter aged gracefully and Aishwarya could take a leaf from their book.

The writer further adds that age is an asset, and insinuated that Aishwarya is simply not leveraging it.

Sure, the fashion critic wants her age to reflect in her fashion choices as it would accentuate her life experiences inspiring countless women; nonetheless, it could have been phrased better.

The article reeks of ageism and it didn’t go down well with the Internet users.

When ageing women, especially in India, face the pressure of seeming perfect in the public eye, such critiques only exacerbate the problem.

You can read the entire article here