We Indians don’t understand racism. Sure, we cry about it a lot. We crib about how racist the British were during the centuries they were here and how white people call us curry munchers but we don’t understand it, not really. Or we won’t be posting idiotic shit like this: 


Oh, if you are still wondering what’s wrong with these posts that are calling hypocrisy when Darren Sammy, a black man posts pictures of himself with his back friends with the caption ‘Black Power’, that means, you are part of the problem. 


And there are people like this gentleman who think calling someone Kaalu in is fine because all Indians are black. 

Except we’re not, sir. One colour scheme of things, we are brown for starters and a lot of people using the slang are fair-skinned people who see dark-skinned people are somewhat lesser than them. I am ot even gonna explain this. You know, we are. 

There are a million companies selling fairness creams and making billions out of it. Bollywood stars endorse these ads day in and out and make millions out of it, practically calling hundred of millions of people sub-humans. 

Riaan TV

Anyone from South India or East India who has been to North India knows the pain. Not that the rest of the country can sit on a high horse. From West Begal to Tamil Nadu to Maharashra, there are these people everywhere. 

Mothers in this country don’t let their daughters drink tea kyunki kaali ho jaaegi


We as a country have always had a thing for fair-skinned people. We always thought them to be superior to anyone else. When we call dark-skinned Indians kaalu, it doesn’t come from an affectionate place compared to when black people call each other the N-word.

That’s them reclaiming a word that had kept them in chains for centuries. This is us just being really racist. 

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The slang for black people in this country is hapshi. You might not think that’s a common thing but you’ll be surprised to hear how easily it comes off the tongue of our countrymen, who BTW, also believe them to be drug peddling, prostituting cannibals. Even the father of this nation has widely been accused of being racist by African scholars.

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Half of Indian Twitter thinks Sammy is being hypocritical while name-calling dark-skinned and black people in the country and crying racism when in the US or Europe. 

See, that GIF is funny cos…


One would imagine Indian international cricketers, having played with so many West Indian players over the year would know better. I mean, the rich history of cricket is incomplete without West Indian cricketers. 

So, the least you would expect is from someone, let alone Ishant Sharma, from the Indian cricket fraternity, active players and otherwise to present themselves and apologise. 


Look, it’s not like all Indians are racist. But most people are. And that’s the problem. The first step towards fixing any problem is acknowledging it. And some people are. 

Look, you can’t put up #BlackLivesMatter and #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd while making calling dark-skinned people inferior to you. Kaalu, Kaluu or the 200 variations of it in 22 official languages are not terms of endearment. And they are definitely not funny.