From waking up and having no reason to be excited to forgetting what day is it, this lockdown has overall been a little… depressing. 

But today I woke up to news that instantly made my heart do a 360-degree flip with excitement.   

Noah Centineo, our dream boyfriend is back on the market y’all.   

You heard it right, ladies. Peter Kavinsky just broke up with his real-life (whatever) girlfriend and he’s back to serve us thirsty women some chocolate milkshake. *wink wink*

I mean, it’s not like we all should be surprised. We always knew that this internet heartthrob deserved much better (read: me) and this girlfriend was so not his type. Amirite? 

The signs were so out there. He deleted a picture with her. He unfollowed her on Instagram, we should’ve focused more on this than wallowing over the fact that he has a friggin’ girlfriend. Pfft!   

You can’t blame us if our future boyfriend is putting up lovey-dovey pictures with some rando, right? 

And hello! What the hell was up with those thirsty half-naked pictures? Were they there to just make us jealous?    

But hey! The past is totally forgotten now and we are already listing down places we’re gonna go to eat once we officially start dating. 


Noah Centineo’s future girlfriend.