Netflix’s House of Secrets has put the spotlight back on the horrific 2018 Burari deaths, giving viewers an insight into how the entire episode might have unfolded. It also highlights the problems that arise when mental health issues are ignored.   

However, the gravitas of this grisly saga seems to have been lost on Otherwarya, an Instagram influencer with over 38k followers. 

She began by posting this – 

It might seem tasteless and highly insensitive, but then she followed up with a host of other memes on the tragedy as well.  

She even reposted some of the replies she got to the ‘memes’, which further ridiculed the deaths.

This was a case where children were killed – their hands tied up, their mouths gagged – and for a public persona who claims to fight for the cause of mental health to make light of a situation like this is highly inappropriate.

Soon, people on Reddit started calling her out.

“This is really insensitive, it’s like mocking those 11 soul, where 2 were innocent children!! Using their family picture for some meme, it’s very low.” – Substantial-Ad-4494

“As someone who has lost two members of my family to suicide borne out of acute depression, I find this not only unfunny, but downright vile, tone deaf and cruel. – reginafallengee

“As a generation, have we lost the ability to empathize? Is everything an opportunity for content and cheap momentary laugh?” – Bunnai

“So it’s ‘My MenTaL hEaLtH iSsUeS’ when it’s about you but it’s let’s make memes and jokes when it’s about the death of a whole fucking family. – 511-odelmtressac

Young people look up to influencers such as these, and the example she’s setting isn’t just one of insensitivity, it’s an outright mockery of mental health struggles altogether.