We’ve tirelessly heard parents compare our childhood with theirs. The fact is, their childhood was truly very different from ours. We have been growing up in a digitized age. But back then, there was no such thing as mobile phones and social media the way it is today. They just lived their lives. 

This thread on Twitter has got all parents to spill some crazy stuff they experienced in childhood that will blow our minds away. 

Now get ready for some shock.

Yes, their lives were way too different from ours just like how the life of the coming generation will be. 

I am so glad this changed.

Yes, the way they lived their life was a little more wholesome than the way we do. However, some differences are real good, real inclusive. These changes were NECESSARY.

How kids lead their life today has changed. Life will continue to change. Humankind will continue to evolve. Some incredible invention in one corner of the world, and *BAMMM,* entire humanity has to adopt a new and advanced lifestyle. This is what happened when lights, telephones, mobile phones, computers, the internet, and so many such — now normalized — things were invented. And this is what will continue to happen. Forever.