One of the most rewarding parts of achieving a goal is knowing how much struggle you overcame to get to it. For instance, the fact that you snoozed the alarm day after day to finally be able to wake up at 7 everyday for 2 weeks continuously is something to be proud of.  

But here, Mr. Samrat Mukhopadhyay, a professor at IISER Mohali described the hurdles he faced to achieve a greater, much nobler goal of his.

25 years ago, Mr. Mukhopadhyay had applied to and been selected for an incredibly coveted and respected PhD program at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. In a Twitter thread, the professor has narrated his journey (literally) to the day of his interview at IISc!

Mr. Mukhopadhyay encountered numerous obstacles on his way to the interview, and I’d hate to glorify struggle, but this story demands respect for how well he dealt with the hurdles he came across. 

Mr. Mukhopadhyay described how even though he’d cancelled his train reservation, he somehow found trains connecting and taking him to Bangalore, through all the terrible weather and slow train speed. How inspirational! Here’s how people reacted to this lovely narration of his!

Finally, someone said it! This whole scenario was a scene right out of a movie! 

To want something so much, and to make sincere efforts to achieve it; what’s a more inspirational story than this?