Many countries have shifted to 4 day work weeks. Portugal has even made it illegal for companies to contact their employees post work hours. But, unfortunately the idea of a healthy work-life balance isn’t understood or even respected everywhere. In fact, we happened to have come across a Twitter thread where a user has posted a Redditors corporate experience, and TBH it’s a little terrifying. 

Twitter/ Elle Em

Twitter user Elle Em reposted a Reddit post where the user (u/confusedwmployee) is describing the anxiety he/she felt around switching off their work phone, while on an approved vacation! Yep, you read that right. 

And not only this, but according to the post, the Redditor’s supervisor bombarded him/her with numerous agitated emails, calls and voicemails asking why they were ‘off the grid.’ I mean, correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t a vacation mean that you get to disconnect from work, in all ways possible? Here’s the entire Twitter thread by Elle Em talking about the toxicity of corporate work culture. 

And here is how some people have responded to the saddening but also, so on point tweet. 

Phew! Talk about a toxic work culture.