Bhaiya finger bowl milega?

Nahi sir, yahan woh facility nahi hai. 

I’m sure this is a conversation that you would’ve encountered at least once in your life. If not you, then I can vouch that this happens every time you go out with your parents. 

Honestly, when I recently came across this little chat between my father and the waiter, I couldn’t help but think that what the hell happened to those awesome finger bowls?   


I remember those nostalgic times when getting a finger bowl at the end of the meal was pretty much the highlight of my outing. 

The whole activity of dipping your fingers in warm water almost felt like getting a manicure. 


Plus the entire process of squashing that thin slice of lemon until it was completely destroyed was more satisfying than the entire meal itself. 

Candace Smith Etiquette

Sure, it’s the 21st-century and food chain brands are more now than those boring family restaurants. But can someone please tell these fancy food chains how cleaning hands after a messy meal is so stressful now? 

I mean, most of these food outlets do not have a hand wash area. So, who’s gonna stand in a queue to go to the only washroom in the entire outlet and waste 20 whole minutes to wash our freaking hands? 

And for those ‘fancy’ restaurants which hand over wet tissues and hand- sanitizers, can someone please educate them about the antibacterial properties of a goddamn lemon?


I mean, how can your hands even feel clean if you’ve not used water to clean them up? What sort of a lazy society do we live in now? 

So, can we please start a petition to bring finger bowls back to freaking food outlet and do a favour to society already?