I would like to start by saying that I absolutely hate Indian summers. The scorching heat and the additional heat strokes that come along with it, makes me totally dread this horrid season. 


But being a desi kid, I can’t deny that over the years, these ‘spiteful’ summers have given me unforgettable memories. 

Whether it’s those summer vacations or playing with my friends, there are some priceless memories attached to summer that just takes me back to all those happy childhood days. 

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One of which is drinking a chilled glass of Jaljeera. 

I remember much before things got easy and there was instant jaljeera powder available in the market, my mother used to make it from scratch and give me a glass of it every time I would come back from school.    

It almost felt like a breeze of fresh air during those ruthless summer days. 

Moreover, I have always loved the tangy appetizing taste of this cool and healthy drink. Even though my mother did give me a homemade glass of this drink, I used to make sure that i took some money from her before I go out to play in the evenings.   

Why? Because as a 90s’ kid, you’ve not lived your summer days to the fullest if you’ve not had something that comes in a matka. And jaljeera was one drink that used to be stored in a giant matka wrapped with a cloth to keep it cool and was served garnished with mint, coriander leaves, boondi and masala.   

Costing just Rs 5-10 a glass, that matke wala jaljeera in the evenings with friends was a whole another ball game. And well… asking for that extra boondi was a ritual. 

So yeah, even though in a fast-paced life as ours, making jaljeera from scratch might not happen. But every time, I mix that instant powder with chilled water and some lemon, it sure as hell brings back a piece of my most prized childhood memories while giving me a reason to not hate summers too much.