What are the two biggest fears of the human race?

1. Apocalypse.

2. Women who voice their opinions unapologetically. 


Now imagine a woman speaking about the impending apocalypse. That’s a nightmare for most people.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Greta Thunberg has been subjected to harsh criticism, lately. She is a 16-year-old girl, passionate about one of the most pressing issues on the planet: Climate change.

NY Post

How dare she?

How dare she skip school to fight for the rights of those who don’t have a voice? How dare she present the facts? How dare she hold people accountable for their actions?

Those are not the things we associate with girls, much less girls her age. 

And that gives rise to all kinds of ‘conspiracy theories’ that suggest Greta is being used by the environmental leftists to take their propaganda forward. It’s also being said that her parents are exploiting her to get famous.  

To put things into perspective, these narratives about Greta have become so mainstream, that the President of USA felt the need to post this passive aggressive tweet about her.

I scoured through multiple articles to make sense of the allegations and from what I gathered, her critics are confusing ‘attention’ with ‘popularity’. 

Greta is discussing things we all should discuss and act on. That is why she is getting noticed. So, it would be best in this scenario to place trust in her intentions and support her in this big fight against climate change.

Teen Vogue

That is far from what’s happening, though. What I have discussed till now are some of the more respectful criticisms coming her way. Some people have stooped really low, as low as commenting on her disorder. 

For instance, Michael J. Knowles – American conservative political commentator – who called her a ‘mentally ill Swedish child’ on a news program.

For the uninitiated, Greta suffers from Asperger syndrome, which is known to affect a person’s communication skills.

Still, she is out there communicating and how!

How dare she?

How dare she make powerful speeches at the United Nations? How dare she start a petition against nations flouting climate laws? How dare she say things how they are?

Knowles also said that her arguments are not scientifically sound because otherwise scientists would be dealing with these issues.

Well, they are. 


Greta is a young girl who has been gifted with exceptional amount of courage that makes it possible for her to face the mightiest of forces in the world. 

So if you don’t agree with her arguments, go ahead and express your disagreement. However, it should be based on facts and not on mistrust which is a result of her age, gender and personality disorder.

THAT, is wrong. 

How dare you?