Yes, there is a generational gap that exists in a family. A lot of pre-defined notions in the older generation is due to years of conditioning. Things seldom stay the same in this ever-changing environment, resulting in generation gaps between parents and their children. 

Recently, millennials took to Reddit to share just some of the things they wished their parents, uncles, aunts and other boomer relatives understood. Keep scrolling to read (and relate) with the 30 top responses. 

1. “Your shitty jokes that objectify women or make fun of minorities won’t fly anymore. Get over it.”

2. “I feel damn resentful when older folks tell me I should stay home with my kids – like yeah I’d love to if we could afford it, which we can’t. They act like it’s a choice to go back to work when for a lot of moms it’s not a choice.”

3. “Texting is much more convenient, sometimes even better, than making a phone call.”

4. “Just because someone is Family DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO LOVE THEM. Terrible toxic people should ABSOLUTELY be cut out of your life REGARDLESS of their relationship to you.”

5. “Kids use computers/phones for more than just playing video games and scrolling through social media.”

– Afely

6. “When I’m depressed that doesn’t mean you need to give me lectures on what’s wrong with me so I can improve.”

7. “Just because we’re more aware of our mental health and allow ourselves to feel what we want to feel, it doesn’t make us weak or “snowflakes”. If anything, it makes us better at coping with, well, everything!”

– cwt48

8. “Just because I know where/how to find the answer to something doesn’t mean I think I’m smarter than you. I’m just trying to save both of us from wasting time.”

9. “That video games don’t cause mass shootings. Things like neglect, bullying, a bad home life, and your s****y parenting are what causes mass shootings”

10. “That not everything can be solved with immediate aggression. That being patient and thinking on the right thing to say rather then saying what comes to mind first goes a lot further.”

11. “That just because I don’t want to be called something doesn’t mean I’m a baby. People are allowed to have boundaries and things they don’t feel comfortable with.”

12. “That electronics don’t rot your brain, and that vaccines ARE effective.”

13. “Stop telling me directions, I’ll just use GPS.”

14. “That ‘just get a better job’ is not all that easy.”

15. “Your job is not your life, you shouldn’t sacrifice time with friends and family let alone your mental wellbeing just for a paycheck.”

16. “You don’t need to go to university or college to be successful and if you go there’s a massive debt.”

17. “I don’t want the moon. I just want what I was promised after doing everything you asked me to.”

18. “CLIMATE CHANGE. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Save our planet.”

19. “That their ‘help’ isn’t help unless I’ve asked for it. And that they need to stop it with the unsolicited advice.”

20. “Being LBGTQIA+ doesn’t change who we are and it shouldn’t affect how they treat us.”

21. “That my gender, sexuality, and romantic orientation are valid and not made up labels to make me feel special.”

22. “Things change.”

23. “That the Earth isn’t full of infinite resources.”

24. “Apparently sleeping till 11 AM makes you lazy regardless of whether or not you had to work until 12:30 AM at your shitty Wendy’s location.”

25. “Once had a small talk with my parents. My job is draining and I can’t see how it can get me to anywhere. My mental health deteriorated since university. Become a little bit negative and stop joking around like a clown during the conversation, their reply? “ I don’t understand why you can hate your job so much unless you are slacking. Why would you choose to be sad instead of being happy” Thanks mom, really helpful.”

26. “You told us that if we didn’t go to college we would be working at McDonald’s or the supermarket. Well we are. Why? Because we are lazy? That’s because every “entry level job’s require 5+ years of experience and a degree. You got your foot in with a degree. A degree that may not even have been related.”

27. “That it is reasonable to not want kids and enjoy life with your spouse.”

28. “That the world is not the same as it was in the 80s/90s when they were our age. Advice that would have been helpful then might not be as helpful now.”


30. “It is possible for you to be wrong.”

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