Whether it’s Patna’s NIT Ghat, Delhi’s street food, Meghalaya’s stunning mountain ranges or Mumbai’s Chowpatty Beach every city has a ‘USP’ of its own! 

Which is why this Twitter thread started by a data scientist by the name of Vanshika Garg is incredibly interesting to scroll through. In the thread, she has asked people what they love about their city, and people have come forward and shared stunning pictures of their city. 

Here, take a look for yourself. The images are absolutely breathtaking and we appreciate how people have stepped forward to share their perspectives. 

For instance this image, how beautiful is it? This person is clearly very lucky to be living at such a location. 

Indian ghats being some of the most wonderful places to watch sunsets at since forever!

The availability of great momos is definitely is a great reason to love Delhi.  

This was the most versatile and interesting thread we’ve come across today!