2021 was a bad year eeven by the epic bar that 2020 set before it. But as we scratch and crawl our exhausted bodies into 2022, we hope to leave a few 2021 things behind us, things that hope die with 2020. 

1. Akshay Kumar being paired with actresses more than half his age. 

In Atrangi Re, Kumar acts opposite Sara Ali Khan, whose father Saif Ali Khan is 51 years old, 3 years younger than the Indo-Canadian actor. 

Indian Express

2. Bollywood movies still making casteist statements and passing them off as jokes. 

Despite being re[eatedly told that quota system is not a poverty alleviation scheme but one for representation of the marginalised, Bollywood filmmakers continue to prove the lack of basic comprehension skills by punching down without an original thought in their heads. 

3. Actors assuming that  putting on nail paint makes them gender fluid. 

As Ayushmann Khuranna found out via Twitter and very rudely, as a matter of fact, that gender fluid is not a caption on a magazine cover used to promote an upcoming film. There are real people who are gender fluid and cis actors just assuming their roles makes it worse for them. 

4. Manual Scavenging. 

It’s 2021. No civilised nation should allow its citizens, let alone nurture an archaic system that forces generations of people to dive into sewage tanks in order to clean them.


It’s simply inhumane and no matter how many IITs we build, as long as we keep treating some people as sub-humans, we will never prosper. 


5. People issuing rape threats! To a 9-month-old child! Because the Indian Men’s Cricket Team lost a match and the captain stood up for one of his colleagues. 

We are neck-deep in a pit of communal pig shit and it doesn’t look like there’s just no way out of it. Not as long as people threaten to rape children and go viral for days before getting arrested. 


6. The BCCI President casually saying, ‘women shouldn’t play cricket.’

So glad we are still talking about what women can and can’t do. The video is in Bangla. You can skip to 57:30. You will find it right here  

7. Too much Gujju weird street food was seen this year. 

Nobody cares about Fanta omelette or the cheese leaves or cola fried rice. Just stop. Get something to drink. 

8. People spoling movies in comments and apologising for it. 

For obvious reasons I won’t attach screenshots because I don’t want the people to be somehow harassed. But now that I have done my duty by making you anonymous, find a gigantic bag of dried up shit, jump in and stay there for the rest of your life, you piece of shit. 

India TV News

9. Too many anti-vaxxers found themselves peddling ‘science’, which is so f***ing ironical that it pisses me off. 

Just stop. Take your vaccine. Nobody cares what you think. It doesn’t matter if there are chips in the shots or you grew up on the streets or your pure bloodline makes you immune, it really doesn’t matter because it’s stupid. You’re stupid. Just take the f***ing shots, dipshit. 

The above tweet is batshit crazy and should be a crime under the current circumstances. 

10. Bosses firing multitudes of people online is not as cool as you might think. 

If you are a boss and you watched that horrible video of this man firing 900 people on Zoom and found inspiration, congratulations, you are a disappointment to the human race. Get back on a tree and shut the f**k up. People have worked their butts for two years of the real-life Walking Dead for you. Have some human decency. 


Alright, 2021. You sucked worse than all my relatives under one roof. And just like them, you have also overstayed your welcome. Now f*** off.